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Mount Stromlo Trig
Fairbairn Dam, Emerald Qld
Cadastral Surveying 

Lonergan Surveying is highly experienced in all aspects of cadastral surveying in the ACT and NSW. We offer the following services:


  • Title creation advice

  • Identification surveys/survey certificates 

  • Due diligence surveys

  • Subdivisions and consolidations (including stratum subdivsion)

  • Unit Title, Strata Title and Community Title subdivisions

  • Leasing and sub-lease surveys

  • Advice relating to Limited title, Qualified title, Primary Applications and adverse possession claims

  • Advice relating to easements, restrictions on use and covenant creation/release

Construction Surveying

Lonergan Surveying is one of Canberra's most experienced construction survey companies. We provide the following services for all construction and infrastructure projects including buildings, pipelines, roads, highways, bridges, dams, industrial facilities, earthworks and civil subdivisions:

  • Design checks and verification

  • Setout of all project elements

  • Conformance surveys

  • Pre-pour check surveys

  • Survey of project start, progress and finished surfaces

  • Monthly and final contract claim calculations (earthworks and other measurable items)

  • Model generation for machine control (Leica, Trimble and Topcon)

  • Machine control setup and configuration

  • As-built surveys

3D Laser Scanning and 3D Modelling

Lonergan Surveying is excited to offer 3D laser scanning and 3D modelling services. Our laser scanning team is highly experienced and we utilise Leica and Autodesk technology to deliver point cloud based solutions. Our capabilities allow us to:

  • Produce highly accurate 3D models containing structural, architectural and MEP components from 3D point clouds 

  • Extract traditional 2D deliverables from 3D point clouds (e.g. floor plans, reflected ceiling plans, elevations, etc)

  • Generate 3D walkthrough videos and Virtual Reality outputs

  • Produce 360 high definition photography datasets

Suburb of Taylor Detail Survey
Topographic/Detail Surveys

Lonergan Surveying has undertaken a large range of topographic/detail surveys for a variety of projects. We have experience in completing topographic/detail surveys for design purposes and for inclusion with Development Applications. We are able to provide the following services:

  • Existing terrain and feature surveys for large scale greenfield and brownfield developments

  • Survey Certificates

  • Small scale terrain and feature surveys for individual lots for house construction or extension

  • Existing infrastructure investigation, including position and depth of underground services

  • Tree surveys

  • Building facade elevations

  • Design verification

Burrinjuck Dam
Land Development

Lonergan Surveying has extensive experience in project management of land development projects. We are able to assist through the entire development process, from providing advice on the best utilisation of land through to final title creation. We offer the following services:

  • Advice regarding options for subdivision layout

  • Development Application preparation, liasing with various approval authorities and management of other consultants

  • Management of sales/marketing requirements

  • Management of the detailed design process

  • Preparation and registration of subdivision documentation

Construction / Project

Lonergan Surveying is able to apply our extensive project experience and qualified engineering background to offer construction and project management services.

These services include:

  • Engineering coordination

  • Site/Project Engineering

  • Programming and resourcing

  • Bid preparation and review

  • Development and maintenance of project QA documentation

  • Project Management

Port Botany Redevelopment
Waste Facility Capping Point Cloud.png
Aerial Surveys

Lonergan Surveying is highly experienced in Unmanned Aerial Surveys (or drone surveys). We  utilise the latest in aerial survey technology to deliver the following :

  • Cost-effective and efficient  survey of large areas

  • Survey of inaccessible areas

  • High resolution, ortho-recitifed aerial imagery

  • Creation of Digital Terrain Models and extraction of features of interest.

  • End of month quantities and recording of project progress

  • Accredited UAV/drone pilots


Lonergan Surveying is a professional surveying firm which has operated in the ACT and NSW since 1982. In this time we have completed a range of surveying projects with a focus on civil engineering and large scale infrastructure projects. More recently we have expanded into land development and cadastral surveying which allows us to utilise our considerable resources and experience to benefit a wider range of clients.

Lonergan Surveying was established by Kevin Lonergan and is now jointly managed by Jude Lonergan and Matt Stevenson. Our management personnel are supported by a team of highly experienced field operators and survey assistants.


Lonergan Surveying provides the highest standard of surveying services to our clients and our efficient management systems allow us to proactively assign our resources to ensure that all project demands are met.

Our past and present clients include local, national and international construction contractors; engineering consultancies; government agencies; private developers; asset owners and operators; architects; builders and private home owners.


Kevin Lonergan

With over 40 years experience in the surveying profession, Kevin has led the survey for some of Canberra’s larger and more complex projects such as the Majura Parkway, Gungahlin Drive Extension, expansion of the Lower Molonglo Water Quality Control Centre, etc. Kevin is highly regarded within the survey profession and construction industry.

Kevin Lonergan

Principal Surveyor

Engineering Surveying Certificate

Jude Lonergan

Jude is a highly experienced and technically competent engineering surveyor with vast experience managing multiple survey parties on major complex infrastructure projects. Jude holds a first class honours degree in engineering as well as a postgraduate qualification in surveying. Jude has worked in the surveying industry for Lonergan Surveying from a young age. His professional experience also includes working as an engineer for a global engineering consultancy in New York, experience in project and construction management as well as extensive experience in providing and managing survey teams for engineering and infrastructure projects.

Jude Lonergan

Survey Manager

B.E.(Hons), B.A., Grad.Dip (Surveying)

Matt Stevenson

Matt is a Registered Surveyor in ACT and NSW and has been operating locally in Canberra since 2009. Matt has extensive knowledge in all aspects of cadastral surveying, land development,  construction surveying, 3D laser scanning and 3D modelling. He is a highly experienced survey manager and has been involved with some of the largest cadastral, land development, construction and 3D laser scanning projects in the local area. He is an expert in advanced survey technologies including UAV/drone surveys, LandXML, high accuracy least squares adjustments, etc.

Matt Stevenson

Registered Surveyor

BSurv (Hons)

Our Team

Our key people are supported by a highly skilled team of field and office resources, several of our staff are described below:


Phil Clark - Senior Project Surveyor


Phil holds a Bachelor of Natural Resources and an Associate Diploma of Surveying. Phil has worked with Lonergan Surveying for approximately 30 years and is a highly experienced engineering and construction surveyor. Phil is responsible for planning and performing detail surveys, all types of construction setout, conformance and works-as-executed surveys on a daily basis as well as modelling and reducing data captured in the field. Phil is held in high regard in the local construction industry as a conscientious, reliable and efficient surveyor.


Tom Reid - Senior Project Surveyor


Tom holds an Engineering Surveying Certificate and is the Director of Reid Engineering Surveys. Tom has worked regularly as a part of the Lonergan Surveying survey team, as required, on a subcontract basis. He has extensive experience as an engineering surveyor in the ACT, NSW, QLD and the NT. Tom has worked on many major ACT projects including most recently on the Majura Parkway.


Andrew Kehoe – Project Surveyor


In 2010, Andrew graduated from The Dublin Institute of Technology with an honours degree in Geomatics (Surveying & Mapping). Andrew worked in Ireland until January 2011, when he moved to Canberra and has been working in the local construction industry as a Project Surveyor. Since arriving in Canberra, Andrew has played a key role in numerous construction projects throughout the city. He has a thorough knowledge of surveying principles, practices and procedures of numerous survey methods and is also a skilled draftsperson. Andrew is a highly experienced 3D laser scanning surveyor and is technically proficient in the processing of 3D point cloud datasets.


Ryan Wing – Project Surveyor


Ryan hold a Bachelor of Spatial Science Technology in Surveying and an Advanced Diploma of Engineering Design. Ryan has significant experience in the local building and construction industry and has been working in the local surveying industry for various approval authorities and survey firms since 2011.


Brad Weber – Project Surveyor


Brad holds a Diploma in Surveying and has been working with Lonergan Surveying since 2015. Brad has worked on a number of large scale infrastructure and civil projects for Lonergan Surveying including Dignams Creek and the Majura Parkway Project. His responsibilities include setout, conformance, end of month claim pickups, work-as-executed surveys, processing and managing data collected in the field and liaising with client engineers and site foremen.


Jake Knight – Project Surveyor

Jake holds a Diploma in Surveying and has been working as a surveyor in the Canberra region since 2009. Jake has been responsible for a number of large scale topographic surveys, construction setout on various projects, conformance surveys and GNSS +TPS control networks.  Jake is highly experienced in 3D laser scanning and has been involved with many of the largest laser scanning projects in the local region.

Kyle Ingram - Project Surveyor

Kyle has been working as a surveyor in the Canberra region since 2013.  Kyle has been responsible for a number of large scale topographic surveys, construction setout on various projects. Kyle is highly experienced in 3D laser scanning and has been involved with many laser scanning projects in the local region.

Stuart Logan - Project Surveyor

Stuart has been working as a surveyor in the Canberra region since 2014.  Stuart has been responsible for large scale topographic surveys, construction setout on various projects and is highly experienced in 3D laser scanning. Stuart is a experienced Revit modeller and has been involved with many laser scanning projects in the local region.




For any enquiries for projects in the following areas please call 0415 033 540:

  • Canberra

  • Goulburn

  • Bungendore

  • Braidwood

  • Cooma

  • Wagga Wagga

  • Batemans Bay

If you would like a quote for a survey, please include the address of the property and provide a brief explanation of why you require a survey (e.g. lodging a DA for the construction of a new dwelling) when you fill out the following form:

  • Bega

  • Merimbula

  • Eden

  • Tathra

  • Bermagui

  • Narooma

  • Moruya

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We are not actively hiring at the moment, but if you believe you would be a good fit for our organisation then please send us a message through the form on this page.

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